The Loner in the Darkroom

In the dark room, they all refer to him now as the loner. Everyone has a partner, save him. In the darkness it seems it would matter little, for who could see he was alone anyway, but then, there was that moniker and of course the loneliness that accompanied it.

He wasn’t always by himself. There was a time when he had a friend who shared his journeys, mirrored his every move, matching him stride for stride.

He hasn’t been out of the darkroom for a very long time. He remembers when he began hearing the words, “don’t fit,” and often it causes him to wonder just what that means. Whatever it means, it brought about a day when the tall walker came to the darkroom with a box. He was supposed to go in the box too, but he was overlooked in the clutter. That was the day his partner left. That was the day he became the loner.

5 thoughts on “The Loner in the Darkroom

  1. Hello brazen12b, thank you for following my blog and I look forward to following yours. Your minimalism in design and use of words is very effective. Best wishes, Phil Stanfield

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